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Miloš Milisavljević and Bojana Borković as a business mentors

Miloš Milisavljević, founder and director of Strawberry energy Company and Bojana Borković, Sales director, as business volunteers within National Finals of the Business Challenge Competition for high school students, organized by Junior Achievement Serbia, were in the role of team mentors. Team whose mentor was Bojana Borković won the first place, and team whose mentor was Miloš Milisavljević won the second place.

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Miloš Milisavljević as a member of SAM – Serbian Association of Managers

Every day we in Strawberry energy, tend to upgrade ourselves, improve our knowledge and develop as a company which fosters entrepreneurial spirit and innovativeness. Founder and Director of Strawberry energy Company, Miloš Milisavljević, was the first to discover his passion for entrepreneurship and therefore decided to put his efforts in establishing the company which would bring something good to people. Leading a business represents great challenge and responsibility, so Miloš Milisavljević is certainly working on improving his leadership and management skills.

We are proud to announce that Strawberry energy CEO became a member of SAM - Serbian Association of Managers, and since he is younger that 35, he simultaneously became a member of Sample - Section of perspective young leaders.

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Something special is comming


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We are very honored to introduce you Mister Strahinja Jankovic, graduate Strawberry!

Starhinja Janković is a graduate student of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department of Electronics.

He is a member of the Strawberry Energy since April 2010. years. He is currently the Chief of Engineers of Strawberry energy and he is in charge for future electronics chargers.

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Traveling to Brussels for European Sustainable Energy Week 2011! Wish us luck! : )

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