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Strawberry energy Friend – Marcus Agar

Every part of our success is based on efforts from every member of our team, our associates and people who open-heartedly advise, direct and guide us. For 3 years we have met many outstanding people, and one of them is certainly Marcus Agar - a trained journalist, skillful copywriter, international communications specialist and accomplished speech writer from England. But for all of us who respect Tesla’s work, his most admiring role is the position of Associate Producer on the forthcoming biopic TESLA, the movie that will present the extraordinary life and work of this great scientist who made such a mark on the 20th century.

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Valuable experiences

On Thursday, 23th of May 2013, at the Rectorate of Belgrade University, founder and director of Strawberry energy Miloš Milisavljević has shared his experience with present students at the event "Experiences from successful ones" in organization of Center for career development. One more time Miloš tried to motivate students and advice them how to develop their ideas and turn them into reality, what challenges they can meet on that way and how to respond on them.

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Plaque for success

Regarding five years of existing, "Business technology incubator of technical faculties Belgrade" honored us with the plaque for the successful establishing start-up company and media contribution to innovations.

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Strawberry Tree in Chicago

Within the past year we have installed 6 Strawberry Tree solar systems. We are developing and growing, and we certainly cannot deny the support we are gaining from local community in our steps to afforest Serbia with Strawberry Trees. But does the border end with our country?

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(SRB) Razvrstati smeće nije umeće!

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Miloš Milisavljević as a member of SAM – Serbian Association of Managers

Every day we in Strawberry energy, tend to upgrade ourselves, improve our knowledge and develop as a company which fosters entrepreneurial spirit and innovativeness. Founder and Director of Strawberry energy Company, Miloš Milisavljević, was the first to discover his passion for entrepreneurship and therefore decided to put his efforts in establishing the company which would bring something good to people. Leading a business represents great challenge and responsibility, so Miloš Milisavljević is certainly working on improving his leadership and management skills.

We are proud to announce that Strawberry energy CEO became a member of SAM - Serbian Association of Managers, and since he is younger that 35, he simultaneously became a member of Sample - Section of perspective young leaders.

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Something special is comming


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SIEPA & Strawberry energy

Within Strawberry energy Company changes occur on daily basis. We put our effort to improve our product and our business. Over one year do we exist, and until now we have been doing our business only on Serbian territory. Now we want to move forward, to make the next step and plant our Strawberry Tree beyond Serbian borders. But we are not alone in this mission, because SIEPA has been supporting us since the beginning.

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