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Public solar charger for mobile devices Strawberry Tree to take root in USA

Our world’s first public solar charger for mobile devices, called The Strawberry Tree, is soon to sprout in the USA, as the distribution agreement between us, Strawberry energy, its inventors, and 3fficient of California was signed in the last week of November.

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Strawberry spirit in “Krojačeva škola”, the school of the web design

In the end of November, our two "Strawberries" Kristina Nikolić and Bojana Borković, have visited the "Krojačeva škola (Tailor school)" for the web design and presented to pupils the driving energy of our young company that have lead us from idea to realization.

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Mini documentary about us for EU Awareness raising campaign

Within the EU Awareness raising campaign about enlargement countries to EU citizens, with the aim to present positive characteristics of these countries, we were chosen for Mini Documentary as the example of good practice.

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One more Strawberry Mini adventure

Our small portable solar charger for mobile devices Strawberry Mini has triggered a great interest at the manifestation "Knowledge factory" in Podgorica, Montenegro, in organization of ComTrade Company. If you don't believe us, believe the picture:) On the second day of the event, 25th of September, Director of Strawberry energy Marketing department Kristina Nikolić held a workshop "Strawberry spirit" and presented our company's story from idea to realization.

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Strawberry energy as this week Startup Pick at platform

Every Sunday, international portal presents one startup from all over the world, and this week our young company is honored to be part of this Startup platform.

To read the whole article, where our young company is presented in an interesting and different way, click here.

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Strawberry Tree has arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through the project ‘Bijeljina and Bogatić - together on the way towards energy sustainability through increasing energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources within Cross Border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina, two solar chargers has been installed in Bijeljina today. Strawberry Tree with the old design has been set up in front of Cultural center, while Strawberry Tree Black became part of the City Park.

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Tamara Švonja and Vojin Stojadinović – designers of the Strawberry Tree Flow

Wishing to make our Strawberry Tree unique and as pleasant for people as possible, we were lucky to encounter various remarkable designers and artists who made our Public solar charger gain completely new look thanks to their creativity. Two of them are Tamara Švonja and Vojin Stojadinović, young designers who are meritorious for the interesting form of our Strawberry Tree Flow in Mitićeva Rupa at Slavija square. Chosen from 'Mikser' design platform, these two creatives have jointly developed the conceptual design for this solar charger, whose playful form, consisted of diverse elements, shows the flow of energy from solar panels, through tubes to the final user.

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Children poems and stories for the “Memories from Tašmajdan” contest

Our contest "Memories from Tašmajdan" had already been opened last year by the pupils from the "Vlada Aksentijevic" school in Belgrade. Kids wrote vivid poems and stories in order to present us their memories from the Tašmajdan" park, and we decided to illustrate those little art works to thank them this way.:)/p>

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(SRB) Tašmajdanska sećanja

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Third Strawberry Tree in Belgrade!

We continue with the Belgrade afforestation, and due to the cooperation with the city of Belgrade and Mikser organization the new Strawberry Tree has just sprang up at one more beautiful locaton. From now on, while you walk down the streets of Srpskih Vladara, Beogradska or wait for the bus at Slavija square, and in the same time realize that your battery of mobile phone is empty when you need it most, you can recharge and take a bit of Sun with you at Mitićeva rupa at Slavija square. So now, taking into account that there are three Strawberry Trees in Belgrade, you can choose the location, and also the design since this new one has a special look too, and due to this was named Strawberry Tree Flow. Authors of the new design are Tamara Svonja and Vojin Stojadinović.

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