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Strawberry Mini at Das Fest in Karlsruhe, Germany!

Strawberry Mini keeps traveling! Just came back from Das Fest in Karlsruhe in Germany, where has charged batteries of mobile devices to the cheerful visitors of this music festival. In pause of concerts and other interesting contents, around 2.000 people stopped by our solar chargers which were placed in two locations, in cooperation with ka-news online newsletter portal.

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Divac foundation awarded our “Idea for better tomorrow”

We proudly announce that our small start-up company is one of the winners of the contest "Ideas for better tomorrow" organized by "Ana and Vlade Divac foundation", "UniCredit foundation" and "UniCredit bank", within which we will develop new Strawberry Mini SOS solar charger for mobile devices that will enable the access to electrical energy in the places where it is not available, and this way facilitate communication.

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Strawberry Tree has arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through the project ‘Bijeljina and Bogatić - together on the way towards energy sustainability through increasing energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources within Cross Border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina, two solar chargers has been installed in Bijeljina today. Strawberry Tree with the old design has been set up in front of Cultural center, while Strawberry Tree Black became part of the City Park.

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Strawberry Tree as one of 25 Technologies Every Smart City Should Have

Now, in the beginning of 2013, when summing all our activities and successes, we can proudly say that we steadily stride forward, thanks to a strong will, enthusiasm and harwork of every member of our team. Apart from numerous awards, what confirms that we are doing something humanity really needs, is when a world internet portale such as Mashable classify our Strawberry Tree in the top 25 Technologies Every Smart City Should Have.

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Strawberry energy at EIBTM in Barcelona

In cooperation with Tourism organization of Serbia and Serbia Convention Bureau, Strawberry energy Company participated in this year EIBTM - the Global meetings & Events Exhibition in Barcelona. Small portable solar charger Strawberry Mini was presented as a concept that promotes Serbia as a country of innovative, young and talented people.

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Strawberry Tree with completely new design presented in Tašmajdan park

In cooperation with Palilula Municipality and the city of Belgrade, Strawberry energy Company has set up the new Public solar charger for mobile device Strawberry Tree with completely new design created by architect Miloš Milivojević.. This model od Strawberry Tree was named Strawberry Tree Black because of its unique look, and from today, all visitors of Tašmajdan park have a possibility to recharge batteries of their mobile phones, tablets and multimedia devices with the energy of Sun.

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Now all four sides of Serbia have a Strawberry Tree

Cooperation between Strawberry energy and Telekom Serbia companies has been completed in Valjevo city by installing the fifth Strawberry Tree, exactly one year after the first solar charger was installed in Belgrade. Since 15th of October, citizens of Valjevo are also able to charge batteries of their mobile phones and other portable devices with the solar energy. Apart from that, Strawberry Tree enables free internet surfing via modern mt:s network.

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Citizens of Valjevo, see you tomorrow!

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mt:s and Strawberry energy presented one more Strawberry Tree

From now on, citizens of Kikinda have a possibility to easily charge batteries of their mobile devices while having a walk through the main street, on a solar charger set in the center of town. In cooperation with Strawberry energy Company, mt:s donated new solar charger Strawberry Tree to Kikinda and it's citizens.

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Strawberry Tree as a gift to citizens of Kikinda

After installation of Public solar charger for mobile phones, “Strawberry Tree”, in October 2011 in Belgrade, as well as presenting „Strawbery Friend“, portable model of solar charger at ATP tourney Serbia Open 2012, Telekom Serbia and Strawberry energy continue their cooperation, and Kikinda is the next town which will enable it's citizens to charge batteries of their mobile device in the move and to meet with renewable sources of energy.

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