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Strawberry Mini Rural

Showcase model

The problem

Over 1.4 billion people are still without access to electricity worldwide. For them, the mobile phone is a pure necessity; it is the device they use everyday for many activities of vital importance. Although areas they live in are often covered with signal for mobile telephony, people have to cross 7 to 15 km on average in order to reach closest source of energy and charge batteries of their mobile devices. Life in these conditions is limited, to that extent that people live without possibility to call doctors or other help when most necessary.

The solution

Strawberry Mini Rural is a small portable solar charger for mobile devices made to meet the needs of people living in rural areas without access to electrical energy. The first prototype of this device was given as a gift to a household without access to grid. It was designed by Serbian designer Uroš Obradović.


• 6 ports for charging mobile phones

• Two jacks for other small consuming devices

• SOS button in case of emergency

• Double LED light

• Easily transportable and light

• Practical

• Meets the needs of great number of people

• Resistant to extreme conditions

• Upgradable with more charging options

• Acumulating energy – works during night and when it’s raining or snowing