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Strawberry Smart Bench

The Strawberry Smart Bench is a smart solar social hub, created to meet the needs of the 21st century mobile generation by providing energy, connectivity and relevant local information on the go.

Ideal for

• Parks and public spaces

• Sport arenas

• Resorts

• University campuses

• City squares

• Business parks

• Touristic facilities

• Government grounds

• Shopping malls and retail parks

• Amusement and theme parks


• Installed power: 90W

• 2 USB ports

• 2 cables for charging mobile devices

• 2 wireless chargers

• Sensors: temperature, humidity, air quality, air pressure, noise level

• Smart electronics

• Fixed on ground


• Height: 2.62 m

• Width: 2.4 m

• Depth: 0.68 m



Charging mobile devices

Charges phones, tablets, cameras and different types of wearable devices, 24/7 via two built in cables and two USB ports, using only clean energy directly from the sun.


Encouraging socialisation outdoors

Social hub

People can enjoy their free time sat on a Strawberry Smart Bench, recharging mobile devices, checking local info, chatting and meeting other people.

The whole area is enriched, as a Strawberry Smart Bench becomes a friendly gathering spot.


Data from environment

Environmental sensing

Using environmental sensors, it collects data such as CO2 level, noise, humidity, pressure and temperature and sends it to the cloud platform.

Now you can respond in real time as issues happen, analyze trends, and set policies based on data.


Back up energy supply

Smart electronics

Smart electronics and built in batteries enable it our Strawberry devices to work even when there is no sunshine.

Energy is stored and always available to be used in cloudy weather or at night.


Smart Bench

Easy to install

Installation of our Strawberry Smart Bench is super easy without any need for foundations. In that way, clients can relocate it to another location at any time, using appropriate equipment.

Our structural calculations prove that it is perfectly stable on its own (London conditions). Weighting 600kg, it cannot be moved by users and third parties, but for extra protection, it can be safely anchored to the ground.



Easy maintenance

In-house produced charging cables can be easy replaced at a small cost, in five minutes with the simple plug in system.

We give our customers warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, when used in accordance with Strawberry's user manuals. Please contact us for details.

Navigacija Locations of Strawberry Smart Benches

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Strawberry Smart Bench - Jubilee Park