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Strawberry Mini

Showcase model

The Strawberry Mini is a small portable solar charger for mobile devices, ideal for festivals, events and manifestations of various kinds. To make the whole experience more interactive, embedded touch screen enables users to play games and quizzes, and read interesting facts about ecology and renewable energy while waiting the few minutes for their batteries to recharge. This way, they can spend time in a more useful manner.

The first portable solar charger was created as the result of cooperation between Strawberry energy and Telekom Serbia in April 2012. Christened ‘Strawberry Friend’, the launch device references Telekom Serbia’s slogan ‘You have friends’ and symbolises the co-operation between the two companies.

Main features

• Stand-alone system

• 4 wheels for easy movement

• Possibility to assemble & disassemble

• Quick and easy set up in almost any location.

• Built-in bench for sitting

• Touch screen with customizable content according to client's requirements

• Wide and visible ad space

* For the purpose of renting or buying Strawberry Mini device, please contact us via email or phone provided within the "Contact" page.

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