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Since the 29th of August, 2012, citizens of Vranje have a place to charge batteries of their mobile phones and other portable devices with the energy of Sun. Continuing the joint project of installing solar chargers for mobile phones in Serbia, mt:s and Strawberry energy have chosen Vranje as one of the most sunny cities in our country where they planted one more Strawberry Tree. Apart from charging batteries of mobile devices, solar charger „Strawberry Tree“ also provides free internet surfing through modern mt:s network, which is available near the charger. At the opening ceremony, Strawberry ecoCube was set up, where visitors were putting in cans and tins for recycling, and in return received an eco bag from recycled materials as a gift.

„By donating solar chargers to cities, Telekom Serbia Company has united the support to youth entrepreneurship and investment in the area of environmental protection. Strawberry Tree is innovative and awarded around the world, so we believe that not only will it be useful for citizens when charging their phones, but it will also be an unique ornament of the city“.

Milica Marković
Director of the PR sector of Telekom Serbia Company

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