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The Strawberry Tree was unveiled in City Square, Obrenovac, Serbia, in October 2010. Despite one of the worst winters in recent memory, more than ten thousand people made use of this original Strawberry Tree in its first forty days. This project has been carried out thanks to the cooperation with Obrenovac municipality, as well as support by ENEL company and Energy efficiency agency.

The first Strawberry Tree designer quotes:

"The Main moduling elements – interface, bench and partial roofing, have been set up into this relation through an inextricable concept, which emerged from wood selection, the element of nature which is used in design and molding for public urban spaces. Wood performs the photosynthesis process – the use of Solar energy for nutrients making.

Since the whole nature is intended for all of its users, the whole flora and fauna, not just man, it was necessary to adapt that "tree" to man and his needs. Thus, the articulation and formation of artificial nature is achieved, and the treetop, by geometrizing and recomposing becomes a horizontal surface of the awning which has double function of collecting solar energy and the protection of atmospheric influences, while the other two basic elements are adjoined and adjusted to man and his needs for portable energy."

Vladimir Golubović
januar 2011.

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Strawberry Tree Obrenovac