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In co-operation with Electrovojvodina and Public Enterprise for City Construction and Development of Novi Sad, the third Strawberry Tree was installed in the town in October 2011. To show gratitude for this gift, citizens of Novi Sad were invited to participate in the competition by answering ‘Why do you love Novi Sad?’ The winning entry created by Ljiljana Pantović said “Because it charges my batteries”, which was then posted on the town’s Strawberry Tree.

Part of the Sun in over 50.000 pockets in Novi Sad in 5 months time

On 12th of March 2012, after less than 5 months since opening, Strawberry Tree in Novi Sad has reached 50.000 chargings. During just 18 days, 10.000 people used our Strawberry Tree. What we are most proud of is the fact that we enabled first contact with clean, green energy for most of our users. Renewable energy sources and their use are becoming part of our everyday life.

Miloš Milisavljević
CEO Strawberry energy
januar 2011.

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Strawberry Tree Novi Sad