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Since 14th of July, citizens of Kikinda in Serbia, have a possibility to easily charge batteries of their mobile devices while having a walk through the center of town, on a solar station – Strawberry Tree set in the in the Square of Serbian volunteers ("Trg srpskih dobrovoljaca"). In cooperation with Strawberry energy Company, mt:s donated new solar charger Strawberry Tree to Kikinda and it's citizens. Apart from that, free Internet surfing is provided around the Strawberry Tree, through modern mt:s network which enables significantly higher speed of data transmission. Strawberry Tree opening ceremony was enriched with children's Choir „Čuperak“ and exibition of children's works with the „Sun“ theme.

„We tend to act responsibly in every place we work, and that is the reason why are we today here in Kikinda. We believe that innovations like Strawberry Tree can bring new quality in lives of our citizens. As this solar charger is equipped with mobile internet, upgraded mobile network will provide all the citizens with new internet surfing experience in public places.“

Radovan Santovac
Director of the Working center of Telekom Serbia in Kikinda

„Today, when we are faced with growing need for renewable energy usage, it is necessary to make green technologies easily accessible to all the citizens and to learn all the people how renewable energy can be used.“

Miloš Milisavljević
Director and founder of Strawberry energy

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