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Successful cooperation between Strawberry energy and mt:s companies have been continued in Bor, Serbia, where citizens from 2nd of October, 2012, have a possibility to charge batteries of their mobile phones and other portable devices by using the energy of the Sun, thanks to solar charger for mobile devices Strawberry Tree which is set up in the city. Near the new solar charger Strawberry Tree, three real pine trees have been symbolically planted. Apart from charging batteries of portable devices, five meters tall, solar charger Strawberry Tree enables also free internet surfing via modern mt:s network, which is available within 20m around the charger.

„Bor and Strawberry Tree have a great similarity. Bor proudly carries the name of an evergreen tree, while Strawberry Tree carries the symbolism of ecology and green technologies. Thanks to cooperation with Telekom Serbia Company, Bor gained today a new tree, our „Strawberry Tree“ - public solar charger for mobile phones and other portable devices. Apart from this Tree, Bor will become enriched with three new pine seedlings we are about to plant today and which will carry the symbolism of the beginning of a new story in the lives of the citizens of Bor“

Miloš Milisavljević
Founder and Director of Strawberry energy Company

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