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Strawberry Drvo Black u Bogatiću1

Strawberry Tree Black in Bogatić, Serbia

Through the project ‘Bijeljina and Bogatić - together on the way towards energy sustainability through increasing energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources’, financed by the European Union through Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance within Cross Border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina, apart from two solar chargers in Bijeljina, one more Strawberry Tree Black adorned the city of Bogatić.

Installed in front of the elementary school "Mika Mitrović" in Bogatić, this public solar charger for mobile devices represents the constant reminder for pupils about the importance of renewable energy sources. As such, it contributes to some of the main Strawberry energy goals - raising ecological awareness and putting renewable enegy sources into people's everyday lives.

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Strawberry Tree Bogatić