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Thanks to a gift from Telekom Serbia Company, second Strawberry Tree was installed in Belgrade, at the plateau in front of Cultural institution „Vuk Karadžić“ at Zvezdara municipality, in October 2011. Thus, for citizens of Belgrade, empty batteries became a part of history, while their present became free charging for batteries of their mobile devices with the energy of Sun.

“35 years ago a company, created by young brilliant people who named it after a fruit, was established. Today, Apple represents one of the symbols of modern society. I believe that today, we are part of history, because a story emerges from Serbia, which will soon be known in the whole world, and it is named after a fruit, after a strawberry. Telekom Serbia is proud of being part of that story and supporting the project which will make Serbia recognizable for its technological development, ideas and creativity.

Branko Radujko
CEO of Telekom Serbia Company

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Strawberry Tree Belgrade