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Strawberry Tree

Ideal for

• Parks and public spaces

• Resorts

• Campuses

• City squares

• Business parks

• Touristic facilities

• Government grounds

• Shopping malls and retail centres

• Amusement and theme parks


• Installed power: 900 W

• Battery capacity: 4500 Wh

• 6 USB ports

• 8 cables for charging mobile devices

• Sensors: temperature, humidity, air quality, air pressure, noise level

• WiFi possibility

• Smart electronics

• Up to 800,000 10-minute charges annually

• 4.500 10-minutes charges without sunshine


connected device

Connected outdoor device

The Strawberry Tree provides free mobile devices charging via a range of already built in connectors.

It brings the Internet of Things to outdoor public spaces that people visit daily, improving urban living by making cities smarter and more convenient to live in.



Smart platform

The Strawberry Tree is designed as a platform with significant power capacity so it can be easily upgraded to support new innovative services that benefit people in a resilient, yet sustainable fashion.

Patent pending smart electronics optimizes energy production and consumption.



Environmental sensing

Using different environmental sensors, the Strawberry Tree collects data about its surroundings and sends it to the cloud platform, using its own WiFi.

Now you can respond in real time as issues happen, analyze trends, and set policies based on data.


Strawberry Tree in winter

No Sunshine? No problem.

Available energy even when it is raining, cloudy or even snowing.

The Strawberry Tree is made of reliable materials, equipped with smart electronics and energy saving rechargeable batteries, which make it resistant to all weather conditions.

It can also work for 20 days without solar energy.



Easy maintenance

In-house produced charging cables can be easy replaced at a small cost, in five minutes with the simple plug in system.

We give our customers warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, when used in accordance with Strawberry's user manuals. Please contact us for details.



Backup energy & LED light

As a backup power source, a Strawberry Tree can provide energy in emergency cases when the power is down. Also, it provides LED light, making for a safe and friendly environment even during the night.

Made to be durable and persistent, people can always rely on Strawberry Trees.


Locations of Strawberry Trees

44.803338|20.466579||Strawberry Tree/Slavija :: 44.809769|20.470339||Strawberry Tree/Tašmajdan :: 44.803702|20.480516||Strawberry Tree/Zvezdara :: 44.074591|22.098971||Strawberry Tree/Bor :: 42.551839|21.899174||Strawberry Tree/Vranje :: 45.830367|20.466099||Strawberry Tree/Kikinda :: 44.271229|19.888118||Strawberry Tree/Valjevo :: 44.654867|20.201169||Strawberry Tree/Obrenovac :: 45.248776|19.844119||Strawberry Tree/Novi Sad :: 44.754389|19.219975||Strawberry Tree/Bijeljna, City park :: 44.756236|19.220948||Strawberry Tree/Bijeljina, Cultural center :: 44.835657|19.480208||Strawberry Tree/Bogatić :: 45.754705|21.238592|| Strawberry Tree/Timisoara:: 48.730149|19.136409||Orange EcoTree/Banska Bystrica :: 44.814386|20.449801||Strawberry Tree Black - Savamala, Belgrade 01 :: 44.813658|20.449808||Strawberry Tree Black - Savamala, Belgrade 02 :: 42.666858|23.375058||Strawberry Tree Black - Sofia, Bulgaria :: 45.487691|15.557964||Strawberry Tree Black - Karlovac, Croatia ::
Strawberry Tree/Tašmajdan