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Our smart city platforms are designed to meet the needs of the 21 century metropolis, rural areas without electricity, or any public place where energy is needed.

They capture the power of nature and power our gadgets. With this practical application for solar power, Strawberry energy efficiently introduces people to the advantages of using clean energy.

Through everyday use of our devices that are powered by renewable energy sources, we give a chance to each individual in community to learn, realize and understand idea of clean, green technologies. This way, we help them realize the importance of these technologies for the future of mankind.

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Navigacija Locations of Strawberry Smart Street Furniture

44.803338|20.466579||Strawberry Tree/Slavija a href="">mala Slavija :: 44.809769|20.470339||Strawberry Tree/Tašmajdan Strawberry Tree 01:: 44.803702|20.480516||Strawberry Tree/Zvezdara Strawberry Drvo na Zvezdari :: 44.074591|22.098971||Strawberry Tree/Bor mala Bor :: 42.551839|21.899174||Strawberry Tree/Vranje Strawberry drvo Vranje, mala:: 45.830367|20.466099||Strawberry Tree/Kikinda mala :: 44.271229|19.888118||Strawberry Tree/Valjevo malaVA:: 44.654867|20.201169||Strawberry Tree/Obrenovac Obrenovac02 :: 45.248776|19.844119||Strawberry Tree/Novi Sad NS sajt mala1 :: 44.754389|19.219975||Strawberry Tree/Bijeljna, City park mala sajt bijeljina :: 44.756236|19.220948||Strawberry Tree/Bijeljina, Cultural center mala sajt Bijeljina2 :: 44.835657|19.480208||Strawberry Tree/Bogatić Strawberry Drvo Black Bogatic manja :: 45.754705|21.238592|| Strawberry Tree/Timisoara Strawberry Tree Timisoara:: 48.730149|19.136409||Orange EcoTree/Banska Bystrica
Solar powered Orange Ekostrom by Strawberry energy in Banska Bistrica, Slovakia, offers free energy and connectivity :: 51.505907|-0.027139|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Westferry Circus smart-bench-in-westferry-circus:: 51.505166|-0.022954|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Cabot Square smart-bench-in-cabot-square :: 51.506041|-0.019532||Strawberry Smart Bench - Crossrail Place crossrail :: 51.503176|-0.018395||Strawberry Smart Bench - Jubilee Park Strawberry Smart Bench 04 :: 44.814386|20.449801||Strawberry Tree Black - Savamala, Belgrade 01 Strawberry Tree Black in Savamala :: 44.813658|20.449808||Strawberry Tree Black - Savamala, Belgrade 02 Strawberry Tree Black in Savamala 01 :: 42.666858|23.375058||Strawberry Tree Black - Sofia, Bulgaria Strawberry Tree Black in Sofia :: 45.487691|15.557964||Strawberry Tree Black - Karlovac, Croatia :: 44.803452|20.503098||Strawberry Smart Bench - Science and Technology Park Belgrade Strawberry Pametna Klupa ispred NTP :: 51.425279|6.995441|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Essen SSB Germany 03 :: 52.076991|-1.318129|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Banbury Gateway Shopping centre smart-bench-in-banbury:: 52.010383|-0.735969|| Strawberry Smart Bench - MK1 Shopping centre, Milton Keynes Strawberry Smart Bench:: 47.389065|8.513062|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Zurich strawberry-smart-bench-in-pfingstweidpark :: 39.90111|-75.17021|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Philadelphia 01 :: 39.90088|-75.170307|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Philadelphia 02 :: 42.441408|19.244372|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Podgorica, Capital plaza :: 42.776406|18.947267|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Niksic :: 42.452494|18.532807|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Herceg Novi :: 42.360549|19.250202|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Podgorica, Airport ::
Strawberry Smart Bench - Jubilee Park