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Founder and CEO

Milos Milisavljevic

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Milos is a founder and chief executive of Strawberry energy Company.

He is a creator of the Strawberry solar chargers, and therefore participates in their development from the very beginning. Milos developed a strong interest into renewable energy sources and entrepreneurship while still being in the middle of his studies at the Electrotechnical secondary school where he established a student company and became a national champion of youth entrepreneurship. He was also a member of the Petnica Science Center where he engaged in scientific and research work. After enrolling at the Electrotechnical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, at the age of 22 he establishes a bootstrapped startup Strawberry energy. Currently, Milos works at fostering youth entrepreneurship and holds motivational lectures throughout his native Serbia.

He also spends his leisure time in outdoor hiking, reading history books about the period after the industrial revolution and famous speeches that have marked their epoch.

He was a guest speaker at various international events such as New Cities Summit in Dallas (US-TX); Re.Work IoT Summit in San Francisco (US), Re.Work IoT Summit in London (UK), Vienna Economic Forum 2013 (Austria) and TEDxYouth@ISB (SRB).


Kristina Jazinka Nikolic
Co-founder, Business Development Executive

Sara Oredic
Co-founder, Business Development Executive

Sara Oredic

Tijana Manitasevic
Co-founder, Business Development Executive

Manitasevic Tijana


Bojana Borkovic
Co-founder,Business Development Executive


Milan Bosnic
Co-founder, Business Development Executive

Milan Bosnić


Jovica Lelek
Co-founder, Chief engineer of Research and Development

Mladen Trisic
Chief Software Developer

Mladen Trisic