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Awards and recognitions

• Chosen among 15 smart cities startups from UK to join the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, on his smart cities trade mission to Israel, 2015;

• One of the four winning innovations of the ‘Connecting people and creating communities’ competition run by the Institute for Sustainability in partnership with the Mayor of London’s Office, and supported by EIT Digital, 2015;

• Winner of the Pilot Project and the "Cool prize" at the "Cognicity Challenge" in organization of the "Canary Wharf Group", London, 2015;

• First place in the Public Consumption Reduction category at the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week 2011, in Brussels;

• Winner of the Verge Accelerate competition, in the organization of GreenBiz Group in San Francisco, 2014;

• Strawberry Tree named as one of ‘top ten urban innovations that work’ at the New Cities Summit in Dallas, 2014;

• Golden Superbrands award for the best innovative brend in Serbia, 2013;

• Finalist for the "World Technology Award", 2013;

• Winner of the Belgrade Venture Forum, 2013;

• Recognition from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for outstanding results at the beginning of a professional career, 2011;



• Third place in the Best Technological Innovation of Serbia 2011 contest, in competition of 200 teams;

• Award from the Belgrade city for Youth Creativity for the year of 2010;

• Award for the best business program in 2012 within the program Youth Business Serbia";

• Award “Best Belgrade citizen” with which Studio B draws attention to people who impressed and inspired with their courage, high-mindedness, ideas and innovations;

• INSIDE INNOVATION award at the “CONVENTA 2013” in Ljubljana, in cooperation with Serbia Convention Bureau and Tourism Organization of Serbia;

• “Green star” award for the contribution to the environmental protection, Ecotopia Fond, 2013;

• "Tourism flower" award by Tourism organization of Serbia for the Strawberry Tree project;

• Young Team with Style 2011 at the Personalities with Style event organised by Factory of Good Energy agency, 2011;

• Recognition of Knowledge on the First Place for promotion of Serbia in the world with inventions, presented by the MTS The night of the AD Eaters, 2011;

• Zelena nаgrаda Mikser festivаlа zа nаjbolju zelenu orgаnizаciju, 2011;

• Special recognition at the 55th International Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements;

• Grand Prix award with diploma and statuette for the best promotional performance at the Serbian Technical Fair from the Association of Serbian Economic Propagandists;

• Fourth place at the European Intel Challenge 2010 in Budapest, Hungary

• Best Student Project award from the Association of Energy Sector at Serbia’s Energetic 2009 conference;

• Best Technological Innovation in Serbia, in the student category, 2008;

• Proclaimed as Champion of Serbia in Youth Entrepreneurship 2006;

• “4th of April plaque” from the Student Parliament of Belgrade University and Student Association of the Student City, 2012;

• During reception by Patriarch of Serbian Orthodox church G.G. Irinej, Strawberry energy was given the painting as a gift with the title: “We are their descendants”;

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