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About Strawberry energy

Strawberry energy is a young Serbian company that is motivated by a simple vision: to make renewable energy sources more accessible to all people.

Recognising that the best way to raise awareness about the issues of clean green energy is to present the benefits through practical example, Strawberry energy engages in research and promotion of renewable energy sources and sustainable development.

Strawberry energy has been recognised internationally for its work to invent new ways and green technologies to improve lives and protect the environment. The development of the Strawberry Tree – the world’s first public solar charger for mobile devices – is its main success to date. For this invention Strawberry energy won the first place in promotion of public consumption reduction category at the “Sustainable energy week 2011” in Brussels.

Four main direction pillars of Strawberry energy Company:

“Part of the Sun in your pocket”
Providing people with an opportunity to charge their mobile devices using energy from the Sun. In this way, they can symbolically pocket a piece of the Sun

Raising awareness about the importance of using renewable energy sources as well as behaving in an eco-friendly manner

By representing a comfortable and pleasant place to take a breath and relax, a Strawberry Tree is an ideal place for chatting with friends and other users

Reduction in public consumption
High energy efficiency focus