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  • 02/01/2017The World’s First Smart Bench Network in LondonDownload
  • 07/06/2016Smart energy boost in Milton Keynes and BanburyDownload
  • 10/15/2015Strawberry Smart Benches Launch in LondonDownload
  • 06/24/2015 Strawberry Smart Benches soon to premier in LondonDownload
  • 6/5/2014Strawberry energy received investment from ElevenDownload
  • 11/1/2013Free WiFi at Strawberry Trees in BijeljinaDownload
  • 10/09/2013Strawberry Mini SOS for rural areasDownload
  • 8/22/2013Strawberry energy – World Technology Award finalistDownload
  • 02/01/2013Third Public solar sharger in BelgradeDownload
  • 01/22/2013Strawberry energy won the award at Conventa 2013Download
  • 01/10/2013Mashable – Every smart city should have Strawberry TreeDownload
  • 11/27/2012Strawberry Tree with the new design in BelgradeDownload
  • 10/15/2012Citizens of Valjevo now also have a „Strawberry Tree“Download
  • 10/02/2012Strawberry Tree in the city of BorDownload
  • 08/29/2012mt:s donated Strawberry Tree to citizens of VranjeDownload
  • 07/14/2012Strawberry Tree in city of KikindaDownload
  • 06/30/2012Strawberry Mini in Belgrade streetsDownload
  • 06/23/2012Strawberry Mini at EUSEW2012Download
  • 05/30/2012Strawberry energy eco workshopsDownload
  • 04/30/2012Piece of the Sun in your pocket on Serbia Open!Download
  • 10/23/2011 Strawberry Tree arrives in Novi SadDownload
  • 10/15/2011mt:s grants Strawberry Tree to city of BelgradeDownload
  • 04/13/2011Strawberry energy at the top of the EuropeDownload
  • 04/04/2011Strawberry energy travels to European finalsDownload
  • 10/14/2010The first opening of Strawberry Tree, ObrenovacDownload

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