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“The way in which consumers perceive brands has a huge influence on the effectiveness of that brand’s advertising. The Smart Bench network provides an opportunity for brands and local boroughs to create positive, impactful experiences for communities, who benefit from the various smart utilities provided by the network. Partnering with Strawberry Energy, we’re very excited to initially launch the Smart Bench Network with Cancer Research UK, supporting World Cancer Day and pioneering tap to pay contactless fundraising on street furniture.”

Christopher Nicola,
Head of Urban Partnerships, MKTG



”These Smart Benches seemed like the next step in our use of contactless technology to bring charitable giving closer to our supporters, integrating it seamlessly into cutting-edge street furniture.”

Paul Weaver,
digital innovation manager at Cancer Research UK



“I’m very pleased that Lewisham is part of the start of this network of smart benches. We’re working hard to ensure the borough has the infrastructure it needs now and in the future. Finding creative ways to make the most of our public spaces benefits local communities and attracts people to come and see the great things Lewisham has to offer.”

Councillor Rachel Onikosi,
Lewisham Cabinet Member for the Public Realm



We’re creating a network of smart city benches across London. Free to use and welcomed by boroughs, these brand-sponsored benches have commercial as well as social benefits.

Sited in prime London locations, these Strawberry Smart Benches will form the world’s first city-wide infrastructure of free localised services, available 24/7 across multiple sites.

We have partnered with leading outdoor advertising agency Posterscope to provide valuable opportunities to a brand sponsor. As well as prominent branding on the benches, the title sponsorship model allows for branding on a dedicated mobile app, cloud-based dashboard and official website.

By highly visible association with the Smart Bench network, our brand partner will become integral to the lives of millions of people: Londoners, businesspeople and commuters.


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Exclusive branding opportunities

As an exclusive brand partner, we can provide:

* Branding prominence in areas of high traffic and visibility

* Naming rights for the entire city-wide public network

* Determining the official appearance of the benches

* Branding on all supporting materials


Smart Bench Branding 02

Outdoor exposure to people

By bringing people together, we are improving the quality of life in local communities.

A network of Smart Benches has become a social hub attracting over 500,000 users who love engaging with them.


Smart Bench Branding

Engaging with users

Smart Benches are fitted with free high-speed Wi-Fi, allowing for sponsor branding of:

• Wi-Fi network name

• Bespoke landing page

• App download

• Content delivery

• Data collection & CRM database profiling


Smart Bench Branding 05

Hyperlocal data insight

Sensors in the Smart Benches monitor the world around them and collect data on the quality of the environment, 24/7.

This real-time data is collated and made available to the sponsor, providing valuable information to their customers and leverage for promotion via media channels.



Local government partnership

Sponsorship of the Strawberry Smart Bench network will enhance a brand’s credibility and forge stronger ties with city officials who have a long term strategy of building smarter cities.

Our smart city solutions are carbon neutral. Reduce your footprint and give people the opportunity to reduce C02 emissions by their own actions.

51.475793|-0.036973|| Strawberry Smart Bench - New Cross Rd, Lewisham, London :: 51.472896|-0.023408|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Brookmill Rd, Lewisham, London :: 51.462605|-0.010379|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Lewisham Clock Tower, Lewisham, London :: 51.461434|-0.010507|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Lewisham Shopping Centre, Lewisham, London :: 51.4598471|-0.0114373|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Model Market, Lewisham, London :: 51.525147|-0.092254|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Old street, Islington, London :: 51.535911|-0.103172|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Islington Green, Islington, London :: 51.538071|-0.099783|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Essex Road 01, Islington, London :: 51.540688|-0.095533|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Essex Road 02, Islington, London :: 51.551082|-0.086120|| Strawberry Smart Bench - Newington Green, Islington, London ::
Strawberry Smart Bench - Old street, Islington, London