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Smart City Trends

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IoT for easier life in urban world

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Tweet Chat Recap: Enhancing Public Spaces and Making Them Smart

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Theme: 'Enhancing public spaces and making them smart'

Date & Time: 31st of July, 3PM to 4PM BST (British Summer Time)

Partner: Cognicity Challenge

Our everyday needs and the demands on our environment are changing at an incredible rate. We are experiencing the mobile revolution, but public spaces have remained largely unaltered and our not meeting our daily needs. How can we transform urban places to match the needs of 21st century mobile generation? How can we improve our urban environment to make our daily lives more efficient, productive and carefree?

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Little from every of us, great help for the Planet

With just a little effort, every of us can help our environment to be cleaner and healthier. We explored a bit what can we easily implement in our everyday activities and that can make us feel better because of giving our contribution to the environment preservation. The Planet is the only one we have, and thus we should leave it in a healthy condition for future generations.

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“Budi Eko Fin-a” (Be eco-friendy)

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