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The world’s first network of smart benches launch in London

Strawberry Energy and MKTG rolled out 10 smart benches in London with the charity

Smart city business Strawberry Energy UK has joined forces with London boroughs of Lewisham and Islington and Cancer Research UK to launch a network of Smart Benches (#SmartBenchUK) with contactless technology in time for World Cancer Day on 4th February. The solar-powered benches enhance public spaces by providing mobile device charging ports and free Wi-Fi access, as well as a place to sit and socialise.

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Širimo se po Evropi

Naša distributerska mreža postaje sve veća i veća. U proteklih nekoliko meseci otvorili smo prodaju naših solarnih uređaja ka tržištima Italije, Nemačke, Grčke, Češke i Izraela, dok su nedavno po prvi put dve Strawberry Pametne Klupe prešle granice Švajcarske i Nemačke.

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“IoT in public places for easier life in smart cities” at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania

Let’s talk about the world in which everyday objects around us are connected to a network and huge amount of data is collected, stored and shared. Let’s talk about Internet-of-Things!”

During July 2016, on the behalf of the Lehigh University (PA, USA) and Iacocca Institute®, our Kristina Jazinka Nikolic has been invited to be one of the project hosts and executive visitor for the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry® 2016 program.

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Groundbreaking Strawberry Smart Benches launch at MK1 and Banbury Gateway Shopping Parks

Visitors to both the Banbury Gateway and MK1 Shopping Parks in Milton Keynes no longer have to fret about their mobile phone battery fading away while they shop.

Shoppers are now able to use our innovative Strawberry Smart Benches to power-up their Android and iPhone mobiles, along with other mobile devices with USB connections. These installations are the first for Milton Keynes and Banbury.

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Improving outdoor working environment

After years of research and empiric studies, behavioural scientists and psychologists are absolutely positive that there is something wrong with our idea of human motivation. This is how we think it works: You get a reward - you perform better. Basic philosophy of carrots and sticks. What studies have shown is not only that this approach doesn’t work, but it often does more harm than good.

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The role of environmental sensors in a smart city

Urban air quality is the top environmental risk factor for premature deaths in Europe, according to the World Health Organisation. In the UK that means 40,000 lives a year ending prematurely through cancer, heart disease, respiratory illnesses etc, which is ten times more than those who die in traffic accidents. Children can permanently lose up to 15% of their lung capacity due to high levels of air pollution, figures claim.

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Strawberry Pametna Klupa

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Making public spaces more social: simple yet creative ways to do so

Throughout history, public spaces have been a significant part of urban life. In ancient times, public squares were the main spots for discussing town issues and practising democracy. With politics moving into the hands of monarchs and, later, into parliaments, the role of public spaces changed as well. They became places of social encounter, where friends ran into each other and where cultures mixed, building strong and diverse communities. They give identity to cities, making them distinctive and unique. Just think of Central Park in New York or Parc Güell in Barcelona - true landmarks of these cities.

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Innovation in urban regeneration

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Accelerating smart cities – why should startups and government cooperate more?

Review on one key session @Smart City World Expo Trade

Being a young entrepreneur with almost 5 years experience in the field of smart and sustainable cities, visiting Smart City Expo World Congress was like going to Disneyland.

As part of “The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom” (Western Balkan) delegation, I had the opportunity to gain more industry knowledge and first hand insight into the field which is very crucial to my everyday job, but also relevant to my further growth as a smart city expert.

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