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Strawberry Trees in Bijeljina

Apart from Strawberry Tree in front of Cultural center, a Strawberry Tree Black has been installed in the City Park of Bijeljina on 30th of May. Through the project ‘Bijeljina and Bogatić - together on the way towards energy sustainability through increasing energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources’ within Cross Border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina, and financed by the European Union, citizens of Bijeljina have gained new place in town where can take a bit of free solar energy for themselves.

„Commitment and dedication to these kind of project can significantly improve environmental conditions and enable everyday usage of renewable energy sources in the future. This is the reason Cross Border Cooperation Programme will continue to support and accelerate social and economical development of local communities and encourage them in their efforts to provide better future for the benefit of their communities."

Poul Smidt
Representative of Delegation of the European Union

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Strawberry Drvo Bijeljina