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Strawberry Tree Flow

In the beginning of 2013, Strawberry energy Company, in cooperation with the city of Belgrade and Mikser organization, has installed new Public solar charger with unusual design in Slavija square. This solar device was named Strawberry Tree Flow, since its form shows the flow of energy through tubes to the user. From now on, while walking down the streets of Kralja Milana, Beogradska or changing buses at Slavija square, visitors of the park Mitićeva rupa can easily recharge phones and take a bit of Sun here where a sundial used to adorn the park. Symbolically, at the same place, where shoe cleaners, old cinema and sun clock had made the Slavija representative symbol of the town, the Sun shows again how can help us with its eternal and free of charge energy.

Elements are connected by the energy which is visually presented with the pipes holding all modular elements, and throught which solar energy flows. The pipe which starts as a bracket for the solar panel goes down to the ground, raises up beyond walking trail and this way links solar energy, solar panel, chargers for mobile phones and the place for sitting. The pipes create the space which shows the process and flow of the energy, indicates visitors to explore, to track and find a place where solar energy comes to him/her or where it goes on... ”

said about the symbolism Tamara Svonja i Vojin Stojadinović
designers of Strawberry Tree Flow

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Strawberry Tree / Slavija