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“An amazing innovation where design, technology and sustainability interact to create ecological impact. I highly recommend Strawberry Tree to public and private sector organizations who consider to go green and who practice sustainability. The Strawberry tree is an ideal way to symbolize one's efforts but it can also inspire others to innovate for sustainability”.

Umesh Mukhi
Director of Sustainable Leadership Initiative


Show that you care

Show everybody that you care

Our smart city solutions are environmentally friendly hot spots with carbon neutral impact on the surrounding environment. Reduce your footprint and give people the opportunity to reduce C02 emissions by their own actions.

Strawberry Tree


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Be their friend in need

Power the communication with free solar energy 24/7 and deliver greater global connectivity.

Make the experience of mobile users better and longer.


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Have their attention

Be credited for providing a solution to people’s needs. Build an emotional connection with them and be an active part in their everyday lives.

Strawberry devices offer a place for your logo and access to potential customers. Let it represent you in the best possible way.