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“This is not just about technology nor is it just a product. In my view it will be an interesting and ultimately very flexible piece of street furniture that provides a service to the tech mobile consumers of today. Solar powered connectivity and amenity in a Smart City environment – what’s not to like.”

Stephen Andrews
Project Design Executive, CWG


New infrastructure project

New Infrastructure Project

Are you developing a design for a park / new district / property / shopping complex or residential area? Do you have high sustainability standards and want to be positioned as a leader in the smart city industry?

Contact us to discover our new kind of smart street furniture that can enhance the smartness of both residential and commercial estate. Build new and vibrant districts focused around people and their diverse needs while moving through the estate.

Be known for attractive and iconic real estate assets that improve the experience for residents and visitors.

street furniture manufacturer

Street furniture manufacturer

Are you looking to expand your product portfolio? Do you want to provide your clients with better street furniture that answers to more than one need of the 21st century mobile generation?

Our Strawberry Smart Bench could be a strong addition to your standard offer of benches. Surprise your clients with innovative state of the art street furniture.



Business Parks

During a break from a hardworking day, business people and office workers can enjoy their free time in the shadow of a Strawberry Tree or Strawberry Smart Bench, recharging mobile devices, checking local info, chatting and meeting other people.

Our devices provide a green hub where the office can be relocated outside.

People can sit on a comfortable bench, plug in their mobile phone or laptop, connect to free WiFi andbe more productive in a peaceful oasis under the rooftop of Strawberry smart street furniture.


Monitoring public health

Workout and Public health

Track environmental data via a network of Strawberry devices and set actions to improve the quality of living and working for your tenants.



Shopping experience

Improve the shopping experience in an eco friendly environment without the worries that empty batteries can cause.

With energy in their hand, people can stay longer and enjoy the whole day while shopping.

Let business tenants use a Strawberry Tree as a platform for PR and marketing activities.


leisure spot

Perfect place for leisure time

Financial Times: “Light and shade: a Strawberry Tree offers users the chance to recharge and relax.”

By offering variety of services and a comfortable place to rest, Strawberry street furniture is a perfect spot for leisure time, encouraging people to meet and socialize. With a network of Strawberry devices spread around the city, every site becomes a friendly residential and lifestyle area where visitors can enjoy spending time.