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Charging on the go

Improving commuters' experience

By transforming current public transport locations into vibrant spaces with increased functionality, we can improve the experience for all commuters.

Strawberry products provide valuable assistance for people on the go. While waiting for a bus, tram or train, commutersa and shoppers can use their time more efficiently by charging their mobile devices, checking local info or using WiFi.


State of the art design

Enhancing location attractiveness

Aesthetically designed as usable public art, Strawberry devices are eye-catching structures that increase the vitality and attractiveness of pedestrian areas such as bus or train stations.

Installing a Strawberry Tree or Strawberry Smart Bench is a light-touch measure to make a place more functional and visually appealing, while increasing social value.


new role for existing sites

A new role for existing infrastructure

A network of stations, interchanges and junctions is an important part of any town or city and the people who live or work there. We can help to repurpose these places to meet a myriad of changing needs for different user groups, and make them safer and more sustainable.

By adding smart urban furniture to your city’s streets, you will be adding new life to that place, and enhancing the quality of the local environment.