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When humankind goes high-tech, cities need to follow - they need to smarten up. So… What is the “new normal” of everyday life?
The city of London recognised the need of improvement in the sustainability sector, as well as all the benefits of smart urban furniture in public spaces. But what does it do for Londoners and visitors of this great city? Here is how Strawberry Smart Bench can fit into your daily routine and make your life less complicated!

Using Smart Bench
Has your day unexpectedly become WAY LONGER?
We know how Fridays (or let’s be honest, any other day of the week) can easily be turned into unplanned party or late night drinks. Obviously your phone “died” hours ago, you don’t have your charger, not even the portable one you specifically bought for situations like this. And you are not sure which night bus to take. Or you just want to order an Uber and use that few hours of sleep you have left. Go to the closest Strawberry smart bench, charge your phone and save some data by using free wi-fi! Problem solved!
Are you a RUNNER or a CYCLIST?
You’re an avid runner or cyclist but the city’s smog and pollution made you rethink your options and maybe consider sweating in a local gym? Understandable. Smart bench is using environmental sensors to collect data such as CO2 level, noise level, humidity, pressure and temperature and sends it to the cloud platform. In that way you can check the data via Strawberry mobile app and exercise in the cleanest and less noisy parts of your city.
Are you a TOURIST in London?
Want to take a break from sightseeing? Go sit on a bench. But wouldn’t it be neat if you could also charge your phone, take a look at some maps and local info to plan the next route? You know what else would be super useful? If you could send a pic and message your friends back home, but of course, you don’t want to pay those expensive roaming charges. How about some free WiFi to go with your sightseeing break? Yes, yes and yes! You can do all of the above while sitting on a smart bench!
Those are just a few situations that are part of our everyday life that can easily be solved. Smart bench’s modern design blends nicely with urban landscapes of different kinds without interrupting the existent architectural flow. We put solar power in practical use. You should too.

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