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Our distributorship network is increasing at a rapid pace. During just couple of last months, we opened sales of our Strawberry Smart Benches to Italy, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic and Israel, while two Strawberry Smart Benches crossed borders of Switzerland and Germany for the first time.

Most recently, Strawberry Smart Bench was installed in front of E.ON accelerator :agile, in Essen, Germany, in cooperation with our partner company SOLIFI.

Strawberry Pametna Klupa u Nemačkoj

Strawberry Smart Bench in Essen, Germany

In the end of the April this year, visitors of the Zurich ZOO became the first ones in Switzerland to enjoy the benefits of our solar-powered Strawberry Smart Bench, installed in the cooperation with energy company EWZ and the Public places, the official distributor of Strawberry energy products for Switzerland.

“We developed the smart bench to enhance the experience of people in public spaces, with the usage of clean energy, and show this way benefits we could all have of them. They are visible indicator of city’s orientation to become “smart city”, which promotes renewable energy sources and takes care of changing needs of citizens. We are glad that EWZ and Solifi share the same values and we look forward to broaden our cooperation in the future”, said Milos Milisavljevic, CEO and founder of Strawberry energy Company.

Users of Strawberry Smart Bench in Zurich ZOO

Users of Strawberry Smart Bench in Zurich

After the initial location in Zurich ZOO and one month pilot, the smart bench was moved in front of EWZ premises in Zurich, where it currently stands.

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Strawberry Smart Bench

Strawberry Smart Bench is easily installable and movable street furniture powered by solar energy, that offers charging for mobile devices, environmental sensing, free emergency call and local info in public spaces.


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