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“IoT in public places for easier life in smart cities” at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania


Let’s talk about the world in which everyday objects around us are connected to a network and huge amount of data is collected, stored and shared. Let’s talk about Internet-of-Things!”

During July 2016, on the behalf of the Lehigh University (PA, USA) and Iacocca Institute®, our Kristina Jazinka Nikolic has been invited to be one of the project hosts and executive visitor for the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry® 2016 program.

Strawberry energy - Kristina Nikolic

Global Leaders of Business and Industry® is an applied leadership, management, and cross-cultural training program. It is designed for experienced young professionals and advanced students who share the dream of building a leadership career in business and industry, and who want to form an active and lasting global network. During the intensive five-week program, interns find themselves amongst a diverse group of 90+ individuals, coming from 45+ countries, representing a myriad of cultures, speaking a multitude of languages, and offering unique insights based upon their own background, education and experience.

During her visit to Global Village, as a researcher in the field of smart city as well as Strawberry’s CMO, Kristina had an opportunity to give a lecture “IoT in public places for easier life in smart cities” to Global Villagers.

Kristina Nikolic & students from Lehigh University

Through lecture, interns had an opportunity to gain an insightful perspectives about urban development, smart cities and Internet-of-Things technology solutions. On the very beginning of the session, Kristina looked back in the history and underlined three important points in urban technology revolution that had vast impact on development of cities and people.

“With more than 6 billion mobile phones across the world, with more connected devices than people on Earth and with a global-scale and rapid growth of Information communication technologies (ICTs), humankind is witnessing Industrial revolution 4.0. We are living and working in the world where everything can talk to everything and a huge amount of data can be collected, stored and shared somewhere in the cloud. ICTs are becoming a critical skeleton for linking and connecting infrastructures and users through real-time information. This way these tech solutions enable cities to shift from reactive to predictive operations. This is a definition in the nutshell of IoT in cities.”

In the addition to this lecture, she presented Strawberry energy and our technology, but also she shared stories about how we as tech entrepreneurs are changing the cities and how we are making lives of people more sustainable, convenient and above all better connected.

The last section of this lecture was reserved for case study and playing board game that Kristina developed specially for this occasion. By believing in “learning by doing”, she presented an interactive game with different data sets as playing cards and deck. The goal of the game was to think about smart use of datasets, about aggregating different sources of data and finally to develop the concept of IoT solution based on some datasets that will eventually lead to meaningful change in the world.

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Jointly founded in 1988 by Lee Iacocca and Lehigh University, our mission is to increase the global competitiveness of businesses and organizations. We are dedicated to cultivating the potential of individuals by empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow.


Lehigh University's majestic campus is considered one of America's most beautiful. Founded in 1865, Lehigh is a co-educational, non-denominational, private university located a little more than an hour’s car ride from New York City. Its picturesque 1600-acre wooded campus is built on the side of a small mountain in historic Bethlehem, PA, USA. Lehigh is located within a thriving economic and cultural corridor of the eastern United States.

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