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Our startup Strawberry energy received investment from Bulgarian Accelerator Venture Fund Eleven

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Our Strawberry energy startup is the first startup from Serbia to receive 100K investment from Bulgarian Accelerator Venture Fund Eleven in April this year. From total 276 applications from 26 countries, 11 companies are chosen for the investment, while only five startups received 100K and six startups received 25K.

As following part of the program, we have established the branch in Bulgaria, while we're simultaneously have been attending three months mentorship program in organization of Eleven accelerator. Through the cooperation with experts from Bulgaria and abroad, covering new trends when it comes to shaping product, service and business model, such as ‘Lean startup’ and ‘Design thinking’ concepts, we will in coming period continuously work on improving our products and further business development.

“This investment will enable us faster growth and help us begin the process of new product development, as well as improve our solar charger, which will even better answer to the needs of people. We hope that we will this way successfully show the innovativeness of our region across Europe, and make the competitive product for the world market. Apart from that, the value of this program lies in the rich mentorship program, connecting with influential people from fields relevant to our business and new investors, as well as in precious feedbacks about our business from people who have already raised businesses and led them to success”, said Miloš Milisavljević, founder and director of Strawberry energy.

We are Strawberry energy, a startup from Serbia motivated to make renewable energy sources more accessible to all the people by developing, designing and implementing clean green technologies. Our public solar charger for mobile devices Strawberry Tree was recognized as the important element of the cities of the future, when world portal Mashable included it in the list of 25 technologies every smart city should have. This year, the founder of Strawberry energy, Miloš Milisavljević, will present this concept at the ‘New Cities Summit’ in Dallas, as the guest speaker in “What Works” workshop. So far, 12 Strawberry Trees are installed in 9 cities in two European countries.

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