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Strawberry Mini Rural at Imm Cologne fair

In cooperation with “Supermarket Concept Store”, we have presented our small portable solar charger for mobile devices “Strawberry Mini Rural” at one of the most significant and greatest international furniture fairs "imm Cologne" held in German, from 13th to 19th of January 2014. For the design of this solar charger, we must thank young industrial designer Uroš Obradović.

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“As a company that consists of young and enthusiastic people, we have always fostered innovation and creativity, as important ingredients of all our successes so far. Every our product is reflect of ideas, efforts and creativity from all of us so called "Strawberries", but also from our external associates. United with the artists designers of our region, we can create new values and promote our country as a country which has a great creative resource. We see a great potential in making new "vesture" of Strawberry Mini Rural in terms of enriching its aspects with illustrations and design solutions, with the aim to promote this values and concept fostered also by Supermarket", said Tijana Manitašević, Head of Corporate Communications in our „Strawberry energy“ company.

Imm Cologne

“Desing of Strawberry Mini Rural had to answer few important quests. First of all, the device had to be easy for transportation, resistant to diverse weather conditions and adjustable to all grounds. The choosen design distincted from others because of its simplicity and functionality. At the very end of design process, the device ready for serial production and with few added functions was developed”, said industrial designer Uroš Obradović.

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Apart from us, designer teams Hoklica and stolica, Vesna Pejović i Buck, tripartitna saradnja Wannabe Society - Metalac – Supermarket, Irena Kilibarda i njen studio Dsignedby, Branka Blasius, Galerija 12+ and others presented their design solutions at the fair in Cologne.

Our young startup already has successful cooperation with numerous designers from the region, such as young architect Miloš Milivojević - Strawberry Tree Black designer, Tamara Švonja and Vojin Stojadinović - “Strawberry Tree Flow” designers, Iva Dinulović and Vladimir Spasojević - “Strawberry Mini” industrial designers.

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