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Used batteries: plus and minus

Batteries of all shapes and size are portable and practical source of energy. During the power outage, phone devices still work because they are equipped with batteries. They help even in the case of voltage oscillation and provide power both for PCs and needs of the hospitals.

But from the point of environmental protection, batteries are products which contain dangerous substances. No matter how much mutually different, all batteries have one thing in common: electrolyte and a heavy metal. Emerging problem is the fact that, after their life time, they are being disposed in municipal landfills together with household waste. In that ambient, batteries corrode, heavy metals are being dissolved and reach the ground, where from are being rinsed to the underground or surface waters. If batteries are burned, heavy metals reach the air in the form of fine particles or stay in the ash. Sooner or later, due to the irresponsible batteries treatment, we come into contact with heavy metals through air, water or food.

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Tamara Švonja and Vojin Stojadinović – designers of the Strawberry Tree Flow

Wishing to make our Strawberry Tree unique and as pleasant for people as possible, we were lucky to encounter various remarkable designers and artists who made our Public solar charger gain completely new look thanks to their creativity. Two of them are Tamara Švonja and Vojin Stojadinović, young designers who are meritorious for the interesting form of our Strawberry Tree Flow in Mitićeva Rupa at Slavija square. Chosen from 'Mikser' design platform, these two creatives have jointly developed the conceptual design for this solar charger, whose playful form, consisted of diverse elements, shows the flow of energy from solar panels, through tubes to the final user.

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Miloš Milisavljević at KONSEK

During the four day KONSEK congress of the Students of the Economy, in organization of Student Parliament of the Faculty of Economics, in the period from 14th to 18th March in 2013 at Zlatibor mountain, our CEO Miloš Milisavljević had held the motivational lecture, that is panel discussion on the issues of entrepreneurship in Serbia.

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(SRB) Pobednik konkursa “Tašmajdanska sećanja”

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CSR Alternate the energy

As a company which consists of young people, we tend to share our knowledge about renewable energy sources as well as our experience with other young people interested in this field. Guided by this, we held one more lecture in cooperation with student organization AIESEC, this time within educational seminar "Sustainability and you", as the first section of the "CSR Alternate the Energy" event. The educational presentation and workshop were held in the premises of Faculty of Electrical Engineering on 23rd of February 2013.

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