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Children poems and stories for the “Memories from Tašmajdan” contest

Our contest "Memories from Tašmajdan" had already been opened last year by the pupils from the "Vlada Aksentijevic" school in Belgrade. Kids wrote vivid poems and stories in order to present us their memories from the Tašmajdan" park, and we decided to illustrate those little art works to thank them this way.:)/p>

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(SRB) Tašmajdanska sećanja

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The award “Green star” by Ecotopia

Really great beginning of the year: Mashable included us within 25 innovations every smart city should have, we won the Inside innovation award at Conventa fair in Ljubljana, we installed newsolar system at Slavija square in Belgrade, and now one more beautiful award arrived in our office. We thank to Ecotopia Fond for honoring us with the Special award for the contribution to environmental protection, so-called "Green star".

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Third Strawberry Tree in Belgrade!

We continue with the Belgrade afforestation, and due to the cooperation with the city of Belgrade and Mikser organization the new Strawberry Tree has just sprang up at one more beautiful locaton. From now on, while you walk down the streets of Srpskih Vladara, Beogradska or wait for the bus at Slavija square, and in the same time realize that your battery of mobile phone is empty when you need it most, you can recharge and take a bit of Sun with you at Mitićeva rupa at Slavija square. So now, taking into account that there are three Strawberry Trees in Belgrade, you can choose the location, and also the design since this new one has a special look too, and due to this was named Strawberry Tree Flow. Authors of the new design are Tamara Svonja and Vojin Stojadinović.

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