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Students of the Faculty of organizational sciences & Strawberry energy:)

During the last couple of months, students of the subject "Business law" at the Faculty of organizational sciences in Belgrade met with the interesting tasks related to our business. As the part of their final grade from this subject, we gave them business and law challenges in the form of research of procedures for export in different countries, protection of trade secrets, intellectual property rights and other. Through practical examples and problems from the real business environment, we tried to motivate students to resolve the problems by logical analysis of laws and regulations. Their works are finally here, and up to us is not an easy process of evaluating the quality of the solutions:)

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Little from every of us, great help for the Planet

With just a little effort, every of us can help our environment to be cleaner and healthier. We explored a bit what can we easily implement in our everyday activities and that can make us feel better because of giving our contribution to the environment preservation. The Planet is the only one we have, and thus we should leave it in a healthy condition for future generations.

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We won the INSIDE INNOVATION AWARD at the Conventa 2013 in Ljubljana!

In cooperation with Serbia Convention Bureau and Tourism Organization of Serbia we have presented our innovations at the “CONVENTA 2013” in Ljubljana in the period of 16th to17th of January, 2013, where we won the INSIDE INNOVATION award. This manifestation represents the leading event in the meeting industry for South East Europe, with over 120 exhibitors and event participants.

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Strawberry associate – Igor Vujčić

For almost a year we can boast with extraordinary artist who is helping us within the graphic design works, video editing and illustration, but his most striking work for us is certainly the first Strawberry energy animation which is the result of his work and talent.

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Christmas gifts for the friends of our company by artist Ana Banduka

Due to the holidays, we had prepared something special for those who have always been a support to us and a friend of our company. Young artist Ana Banduka">Ana Banduka, graduated Academic of Fine Arts, have painted Christmas ornaments with holiday motifs and our strawberry, where every single gift was unique. In this way, we wanted to thank those who were in some way part of our team.

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Strawberry Tree as one of 25 Technologies Every Smart City Should Have

Now, in the beginning of 2013, when summing all our activities and successes, we can proudly say that we steadily stride forward, thanks to a strong will, enthusiasm and harwork of every member of our team. Apart from numerous awards, what confirms that we are doing something humanity really needs, is when a world internet portale such as Mashable classify our Strawberry Tree in the top 25 Technologies Every Smart City Should Have.

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