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Now all four sides of Serbia have a Strawberry Tree

Cooperation between Strawberry energy and Telekom Serbia companies has been completed in Valjevo city by installing the fifth Strawberry Tree, exactly one year after the first solar charger was installed in Belgrade. Since 15th of October, citizens of Valjevo are also able to charge batteries of their mobile phones and other portable devices with the solar energy. Apart from that, Strawberry Tree enables free internet surfing via modern mt:s network.

mt:s i Strawberry energy

mt:s and Strawberry energy

At the opening ceremony, winners of the contest “The best strawberry cake from Valjevo” were given the awards: first place – an apron with the printed strawberry and molds for cakes with the shape of strawberries, and second and third place – strawberry shape molds. During the competition, citizens of Valjevo were sending strawberry cake recipes at the official Strawberry energy facebook page, and the recipes that won the most number of likes were announced as winners. In the same spirit, and due to the anniversary of cooperation between Strawberry energy and Telekom Serbia companies, real strawberry cakes were served at the opening ceremony.

Jagoda Andrić, dobitnica prve nagrade

Jagoda Andrić, the winner

From today, citizens from all four sides of the Serbia have a possibility to charge their mobile devices with the energy of Sun. Due to the cooperation with Telekom Serbia Company, citizens of Belgrade, Kikinda, Vranje, Bor and Valjevo won’t have a problem with the empty battery. We are very honored to celebrate in Valjevo city this, for us highly important cooperation with Telekom Serbia Company, which during the past year, significantly helped us reaching our goal of bringing closer renewable energy sources to as many people as possible. Within one year, 165.000 people charged their mobile devices at one of these four Strawberry Trees, and energy saved would be enough for making 6.000 pancakes, sending sms by every citizen of Indonesia and watching 84 times all three parts of the Lord of the Rings movie.

Miloš Milisavljević, osnivač i direktor kompanije Strawberry energy

Miloš Milisavljević, founder and director of Strawberry energy Company



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