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mt:s and Strawberry energy presented one more Strawberry Tree

From now on, citizens of Kikinda have a possibility to easily charge batteries of their mobile devices while having a walk through the main street, on a solar charger set in the center of town. In cooperation with Strawberry energy Company, mt:s donated new solar charger Strawberry Tree to Kikinda and it's citizens.

Strawberry energy i Telekom Srbija

Strawberry energy and Telekom Serbia

New solar charger, which is set in the Square of Serbian volunteers ("Trg srpskih dobrovoljaca"), enables citizens to charge for free batteries of their mobile devices - mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet PCs and mp3 players with the energy of Sun. Apart from that, free Internet surfing is provided around the Strawberry Tree, through modern mt:s network which enables significantly higher speed of data transmission.

Strawbery Drvo u Kikindi

Strawbery Tree in Kikindi

„We tend to act responsibly in every place we work, and that is the reason why are we today here in Kikinda. We believe that innovations like Strawberry Tree can bring new quality in lives of our citizens. As this solar charger is equipped with mobile internet, upgraded mobile network will provide all the citizens with new internet surfing experience in public places. “, said Radovan Santovac, director of the Working center of Telekom Serbia in Kikinda.

Radovan Santovac, Telekom Srbija

Radovan Santovac, Telekom Serbia

„Strawberry Tree“ is five meters tall and surrounded with benches, and therefore it can be ideal place for 10 users to take a break while waiting for their mobile phones to be charged with the energy of Sun.

„Today, when we are faced with growing need for renewable energy usage, it is necessary to make green technologies easily accessible to all the citizens and to learn all the people how renewable energy can be used.“, said Miloš Milisavljević, director and founder of Strawberry energy Company.

Miloš  Milisavljević, Strawberry energy

Miloš Milisavljević, Strawberry energy

By supporting this project, Telekom Serbia united it's efforts in the field of social responsibility in the areas of environmental protection, support of youth entrepreneurship and investing into society.

Telekom Sebia and Strawberry energy have installed Strawberry Tree in Belgrade in October last year and also presented portable solar charger for mobile devices at this year ATP tournament. In further cooperation, three more solar chargers are planned to be installed in Serbia.

Strawberry energy, the winner at the „Sustainable energy week 2011” u Brussels, is the young company engaged in research and development in the field of renewable energy sources, lead by the idea of "Making the world a better place".



  • Krystyna

    Lately I have been reading about Nicola Tesla, and all the tihngs he invented. Things like electric cars and batteries that recharged themselves. Are there none of his inventions left? What happened to his plans. Are we really that stupid that we cannot reproduce what he made 100 years ago?

    October 5, 2012, 9:23 pm

  • Cody

    I am glad you are interested in this queitson because it is important that we should reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources. Future generations will not thank us for wasting such resources.Coal and oil are examples of non-renewable energy sources. They are fossil fuels obtained from the ground and were created millions of years ago during a phase in the earth’s development that is over. So as we use these resources less is available for the future. Furthermore burning fossil fuels creates pollution.Solar panels and wind mills are examples of renewable resources because collecting such energy has little or no impact on its availability for the future.But it may be worth pointing out that the term renewable is confusing. What we really mean is sustainable .Best wishes for a more sustainable future.

    October 7, 2012, 3:15 am

  • Alvaro

    Building slightly on the last aewsnr: Yes renewable technically refers to materials such as wood. so wood burning, is renewable energy because the stock is being renewed all the time however when to take into account pollution and so forth it doesn’t really present itself as a sustainable’ energy source. But I imagine the aewsnrs you are looking for arerenewable = solar, wind, hydronon-renewable = coal, crude oil (in it’s various forms)Now nuclear power is a questionable one. The power itself is sustainable but to produce so much in the way of toxic byproducts mean it shouldn’t really be considered as an alternative to non-renewable sources. But that’s more of an eco issue than an aewsnr.

    October 7, 2012, 4:33 am