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We planted another Strawberry Tree! :-)

We have successfully planted another Strawberry Tree! From this day forward, if battery on your mobile device (cellphone, tablet, multimedia player or another portable device) suddenly and inconveniently runs out, don't panic. Just find nearest Strawberry Tree, Public Solar Charger for Mobile Devices and your problem is solved!

One more Strawberry Tree was planted on 15th October 2011 on the square near Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 77, Belgrade, Serbia.

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We are very honored to introduce you Mister Strahinja Jankovic, graduate Strawberry!

Starhinja Janković is a graduate student of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department of Electronics.

He is a member of the Strawberry Energy since April 2010. years. He is currently the Chief of Engineers of Strawberry energy and he is in charge for future electronics chargers.

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Milos Milisavljevic as a TEDxYouth@ISB speaker

"This isn’t a typical conference. Rules for TEDxYouth@ISB speakers include a ban on “selling from the stage” (no plugging your company or organisation) and a strict enforcement of the clock (with talks ranging from 6 to 12 minutes).

A carefully prepared presentation of brief length can have astonishing impact. This format also allows us to fit in more speakers and performers into the event. There are no questions after each talk. (There are defined conversation breaks for that purpose. The aim is to electrify the audience and open their minds to new ideas worth sharing.)We are curating TEDxYouth@ISB as an inspiring gathering of brilliant thinkers and doers of all ages who have an active connection with youth in Serbia.

Our theme, "Youth Building the Future" is the lens through which each speaker will address their area of expertise, passion and/or experiences.

Speaker nominations are open. Click here to suggest a speaker. We look forward to seeing many of you on 20/11/2011

Milos Milisavljevic

CEO Strawberry Energy

Milos Milisavljevic developed an early interest for sustainable energy. While a high school student at the Nikola Tesla High School of Electrical Engineering, he developed, with a group of friends, a model of a self-sustainable, off-the-grid home. The objective was to teach to elementary school children what a ‘house of the future’ might look like, and bring the concept of sustainable energy into their lives for, perhaps, the first time.

Now in his 4th year at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering’s Energy Department at the University of Belgrade, Milisavljevic is the founder and CEO of Strawberry Energy. His innovative concept turned into reality in October 2010, when the Strawberry Tree was installed in Obrenovac’s main square. The tree captures the sun’s rays and turns it into usable energy in a way that passers-by can charge their phones and mobile devices for free. The Strawberry Tree is the first solar-powered public charger in the world and was used over 10,000 times within the first 40 days.

Milisavljevic will share our stage at TEDxYouth@ISB and bring his insight into the future of sustainable energy and Serbia’s role in this exciting and important new field."

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This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. ©TEDxYouth@ISB 2011.

Interview: Wannabe Magazine with Marcus Agar

"Serbia’s award-winning Wannabe Magazine recently approached W!LD RooSTeR (Marcus Agar) for an extensive interview. The interview, by Uroš Pajović, covered the basis for a growing interest in Serbia and the Western Balkans, impressions of time spent in the region, as well as personal opinions on what could lay ahead for young people in Serbia’s optimistic future.

This interview launches a weekly series of observational features in Wannabe Magazine, with W!LD RooSTeR providing a personal perspective on life in Serbia. The Serbian interview is published in Wannabe Magazine, with the full English-language interview printed below:

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WM: There’s a belief among people from ex-Yugoslavia that the Balkans is a “barrel of gunpowder”. This metaphor was created by artists while younger generations still have hope that things are getting better and that the Balkans will soon be a nice place to live. What do you think of it?

WR: The region’s history has shown that this phrase is partly based in reality and it does contribute to the international opinion of the Balkans. It isn’t good to get bogged down by your stereotypes, though, or they can be self-perpetuating.

In Belgrade, I have been heartened to observe a strong, positive feeling of hope and possibility among young people. It seems that there is a growing sense of opportunity in the air, a chance for change, and they are realising that it is theirs to take. That can only be a good thing. I am planning to work with businesses, youth organisations and NGOs in Serbia to ensure that young people here can seize their opportunities.

A prime example of an enterprising young person making his own chances in life is my good friend Miloš Milisavljević, head of Strawberry Energy. He recently fronted a talented team who beat off European big business to win a prestigious EU award for the solar phone charger they had developed from scratch. Miloš had an unswerving focus on what could be achieved rather than being blinded by the hurdles in front of him. Other young people should replicate his efforts. There are so many creative people in Belgrade who are making it happen for themselves. They realise that nobody is going to do it for them, they have to create their own opportunities. That positive attitude is infectious and should be supported by business and government. Miloš is a pioneer, a thought leader, in the tradition of Tesla. The entrepreneurial spirit should be the future of Serbia."


WM: Has the attitude of people from Great Britain towards Serbia changed in the last ten years? What is it that forms the British public opinion about Serbia nowadays?

WR: With my blog, I want to show people in the UK and around the world what Serbia has to offer and its readership is growing by the day. It can be a slow process to change people's ingrained opinions but there are signs that the message is getting through. I receive a lot emails from many countries congratulating me on raising the curtain on new aspects of a country they thought they already knew.

After the situation in the former Yugoslavia had dominated headlines in the nineties, the media moved on to other hotspots in the world and people’s perception of the region remained dominated by the troubles for years. There wasn’t anything tangible coming out of the region to counter that impression, provide balance. This is changing as Serbia is now grabbing the headlines for more positive reasons, such as sports, culture and music, some of which I mentioned earlier. For example, people in the UK know the region for its excellent techno DJs and party scene, and BBC World recently produced a feature on Strawberry Energy.


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Mister Agar, thank you for your support

Strawberry energy team


“Supplement for the “Renaissance of Japan” NO. 3 “Public Solar Mobile Phone Charger” from Serbia

Yuriko Ono Columnist

"How many mobile phones are recharged on the earth everyday?"---Mr. Milos Milisavljevic was 17, when he came up with this question. Each consumption may not be a big deal. However as a whole 5 billion mobile phones are recharged every day on the earth. This consumption is not negligible. Yet every individual has an experience of finding his mobile phone out of a battery, at the very moment, when he badly needs it! How can you find the solution to meet the needs; Being able to recharge any time on the road when needed and to use and promote sustainable energy?

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Counting awards

Success in Brussels on European Sustainable Energy Week 2011 has completely changed the lives of the young Strawberry energy team members. After winning first place it is now clear that there are people in Serbia who think about renewable energy and green technologies. The image of Serbia in the eyes of the world has changed because of these young students who are working hard and dedicated to promote green ideas and share their vision.

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Strawberry energy on top of the Europe! Student team from Serbia has won first prize on European Sustainable Energy Week 2011

Slika tima u Briselu

A team of students from Belgrade University, who designed the first public solar charger for mobile phones, won the first place on Sustainable Energy Week competition in Brussels in the category of public consumption.

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Traveling to Brussels for European Sustainable Energy Week 2011! Wish us luck! : )

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Statement about the importance of Strawberry Tree from the Deputy Director of Energy Efficiency Agency of the Republic of Serbia (SEEA)

Bojan Kovacevic

„Smart energy production and consumption will always change European energy scenery. This is one of the European Union’s Sustainable energy week messages. It will promote better life standards, stimulate economic growth, open new working places and improve competitive position of European industry on the world market.

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Director of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, office in Brussels has made the following statement about the attendance of Strawberry energy at EUSEW2011

Gordana Zrnic

“Ovogodišnja Nedelja održive energije, koja se u period od 11-15. aprila održava u Briselu, donosi Srbiji veliki razlog za ponos. Među 27 organizacija i firmi i njihovih projekata, koji su ušli u najuži izbor za ovogodišnju nagradu, nalazi se i grupa studenata Beogradskog univerziteta, udružena u „Strawberry energy“, start–up firmu u okviru Poslovno-tehnoloskog biznis Inkubatora tehnickih fakulteta u Beogradu.

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